Klinik gaining a foothold in the German-speaking market

ConhIT is the most important event in healthcare digitalisation in German-speaking Europe.


Klinik’s bid to enter the global market is gaining new momentum in Germany. Klinik’s online service was well received at ConhIT, an event focusing on the digitalisation of health care services, held in Berlin from 17 to 19 April.

“We met potential customers who were really interested in hearing about our product. There is a definite need for our service in this region, too, and the reception has been really positive”, says the head of sales at Klinik, Jari Hänninen.

In IT systems facilitating referral to treatment, Klinik’s product is the best in class.

In Germany, Klinik attended ConhIT as part of the Finnish delegation coordinated by Business Finland, and also participated in an event organised by the Finnish embassy, which was an excellent opportunity to meet potential customers. On the whole, ConhIT was a good opportunity to get a foot in the market in the German-speaking area.

“Competition is fierce, and the German-speaking market is the biggest in Europe. However, digitalisation is still lagging slightly behind Finland and the other Nordic countries. In IT systems facilitating referral to treatment, Klinik’s product is the best in class, including in this market”, Hänninen adds.

The event was also attended by Klinik’s business development manager for the German-speaking area, Michael Wagener. Wagener thinks it is important that Klinik actively participates in the debate in the German-speaking market.

“It was a great advantage for us that we were able to participate in the event as part of a larger delegation, rather than on our own. By being here, we can actively seek new customers, instead of just waiting for customers to find us”, says Wagener.

ConhIT is one of the most important events in healthcare digitalisation in Europe, and the most important one in the German-speaking area. Last year, the event featured approximately 500 exhibitors and more than 9,500 visitors. The event has been held annually for 10 years.
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