Intelligent solutions for medical care direction

Klinik Healthcare Solutions is a health technology company that produces clinically proven solutions and services for condition and urgency recognition, customer segmentation and patient flow management.

Everyone deserves to have a quick and easy way to find out what their health-related symptoms and ailments mean, and what treatment they may need.

Klinik Healthcare Solutions was born of the desire and ability to respond to this challenge.

Countless opportunities for better healthcare

The Klinik AI provides a quick and accurate medical analysis on the basis of symptoms supplied by the user. It identifies the health issue and gives clear instructions on how to proceed with treatment.


Condition and urgency recognition for patients

Klinik Pro

Versatile patient flow management

Klinik Flex

Tailored solutions to meet the different needs of each client.

Our clients number more than 900 private and public healthcare clinics and service providers.

Founded and operated by a team of professionals

The backroom staff and operative team at Klinik Healthcare Solutions are professionals of medicine, software development and healthcare technology.

Through their work they intend to make it easier for everyone to maintain health, for illness to be treated, and to reform the entire field of healthcare both in Finland and internationally.

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Hannu Nissinen

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Jari Hänninen

Head of operations (Europe)
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Ben Wood

Director of Operations & Sales (UK)
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Jukka Happonen

Head of Product Development
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Annika Rinne

Key Account Manager
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Michael Wagener

Business Development Manager
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Marketing Manager
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