Rapid, accurate patient triage for primary care

Klinik’s AI-supported triage solutions help to streamline patient flow, ensuring patients are directed to the right care, first time, while freeing up capacity within your practice – for patient and staff benefit.


Why Klinik?

AI-assisted clinical decision support for fast, accurate triage

Klinik’s CE-marked medically-validated algorithm assesses patient enquiries by type and urgency, providing a recommendation to triage teams, supporting immediate assessment and fast, accurate direction to the right point of care.

Make best use of every available resource/ team member

Our bespoke clinical pathways map to your requirements and resources, enabling triage recommendations that make full use of your non-GP staff roles – including nurses, pharmacist and physio teams.

High quality, structured patient-history taking

Klinik Access, our online platform, and Klinik Connect, our telephone module for call-handlers, ensures the quality of information provided to triage teams is equivalent to to having the patient in front of them, regardless of whether the enquiry came in online, via-phone or in-person.

Reduce costs and free up capacity within your practice

Efficient triage and patient flow reduces avoidable GP appointments, increasing capacity, creating cost savings and improving patient access. 

An internationally recognised, proven model for patient triage

Originally founded in Finland, Klinik’s scalable approach to patient triage is now used by primary care teams across Europe. 

UK GP Practices using Klinik
Healthcare Centres across all regions
Providing 6+ million patients access to their GP

Klinik supports positive change in primary care

Klinik’s technology has clinically-proven algorithms that seamlessly integrate into existing healthcare processes. It can identify the primary health issue, recognise its urgency and direct the patient to the right point of care in a timely, cost-effective way. Our leading patient flow management software also provides important background information for healthcare professionals, allowing them to start any medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Our partners in primary care

YHEC Economic Benefit Case Study

York Health Economics Consortium evaluated Klinik's patient triage technology at Priory Medical Group's PCN, backed by Yorkshire and Humber AHSN. They found Klinik enabled a year's delivery of 18 months' appointments and saved over £300k in capacity.

Carn to Coast Health Centres Case Study

Faced with recruitment challenges and increasing workload, Carn to Coast Health Centres implemented Klinik online triage to help provide a more efficient service. Now the Cornish four-site practice can safely prioritise the needs of the 31,000 patients.

Priory Medical Group Case Study

Priory Medical Group shares how working with Klinik has enabled the PCN to improve the patient journey, boost staff satisfaction and adapt its workforce to known local needs. The system has helped measure the actual demand faced across the PCN’s nine sites.

Portland Medical Centre Study

Klinik is saving London’s Portland Medical Centre 3 to 4 GP sessions per week despite a growing patient list and huge demand for care. The innovative online triage and patient flow management technology is ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, says Flemming Jensen, Business Manager of Portland Medical Centre.

Haxby Group Case Study: Changing the face of general practice

Haxby Group reveals how Klinik is helping to change how general practice is meeting the needs of patients and professionals.

"Even our most ardent doubters have seen that demand can be successfully managed with online triage."
Martin Eades, Managing Partner
Priory Medical Group
"We understand our patients like never before. We now have data on the true demand we face in general practice. We have the tools to share that workload across the whole primary care network."
Martin Eades, Managing Partner
Priory Medical Group
"We are seeing 8,000 more patients compared to the same time last year thanks to Klinik, and doing so with the same level of resources."
Martin Eades, Managing Partner
Priory Medical Group
“The system enables our clinicians to review the information provided by patients, and provides a suggested priority level. This allows us to ensure we have the patient see the right person at the right time.”
Dr. Azhar Ali, Managing Partner
Forth Medical Group
"Together with Klinik, we have invested the energy to make it the way we want it to be, and now we are seeing the results.”
Dr Sarmad Zaidi
Roxbourne Medical Centre
“Now Klinik is in place, we don’t ever want to go back. Our reception staff feel less pressured to act according to patient expectations, and the whole team feels that they are better placed to deal with all incoming queries. We can breathe now.”
Trupti Chauhan, Operations Manager
Roxbourne Medical Centre
"Now we know what the demand is, we can see what changes need to be made, and we can manage expectation and optimise the journey for every patient. We can assign the right level of resources to deal with the enquiry, and use the most expensive resource where it’s most effective."
Trupti Chauhan, Operations Manager
Roxbourne Medical Centre
“Feedback from other practices using the system was very positive, especially how responsive the company was to people’s needs.”
Dr Michael Curran, GP partner
Church Street Medical Centre
“For any other practice I would say this would make a valuable addition to the practice. In the current environment, it is becoming essential to have an efficient triage service that can assess risk and identify urgency, so that care can be given according to need, rather than demand. I would strongly recommend this to any GP practice.”
Dr Michael Curran, GP partner
Church Street Medical Centre
"With the Klinik online consultation service, we can now get the correct patient to the correct point of care in the most efficient way."
Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell
Haxby Group