Klinik.fi – Condition and urgency recognition for patients

A web service and databank that can be used to identify symptoms, recommend treatments, or to find a suitable specialist.

Medical information provided through the Klinik service is always reliable and easy to understand. Our clinically proven medical algorithm was developed to provide answers to troubling health-related questions and to facilitate access to suitable treatment at the right time.

The free-to-use Klinik web service is continuously being developed in cooperation with users, physicians and other healthcare experts. In Finland the Klinik service has an average of 130,000 visitors per month.

Klinik AI

Our solutions are based on Klinik AI, a smart algorithm that provides a quick and accurate medical analysis on the basis of symptoms supplied by the user. It identifies the health issue and guides people to treat themselves properly and directs them to the right point of care.

Our clients number more than 900 private and public healthcare clinics and service providers.

We serve a wide range of healthcare professionals, from large municipal and private health centres and health service providers to pharmacies and insurance companies. Contact our sales team and let us build a solution appropriate to your needs.