Klinik moves to new premises in Lauttasaari – more room for growth


Klinik’s old premises had become cramped for a growth company enjoying a brisk upturn, and the company has just celebrated a housewarming party in their new, modern premises in the Lauttasaari district in Helsinki.

In 2018, Klinik has recruited 12 new experts for a variety of roles. “Our new recruits include top professionals for our team of doctors, and experts for our technical and customer relationship management teams. We are now able to respond to customer needs more quickly than before, and there is still room for growth”, says the CEO of Klinik Healthcare Solutions, Hannu Nissinen.

The new premises, with an area of almost two hundred square metres, are double the size of the previous office. “We want to invest in a comfortable working environment, and people had, for example, wanted a cosy cafe-like space. The comfortable lounge is a relaxed space for receiving guests”, says Hannu Nissinen.

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