Klinik removes obstacles for users to take advantage of e-health services

The wider use of e-health services is sometimes prevented by the end-users’ distrust of artificial intelligence and doubts about the adequacy of their own skills in using information technology. Many people still do not believe that technology-based contact with healthcare could be as reliable as directly speaking with a human. The end-users can also be daunted by the large variety of digital services available.

This was one of the findings of the three-day eHealth seminar held in mid-March on a ferry travelling between Helsinki and Stockholm. Klinik participated in the seminar, representing the perspective of an agile trailblazer company. A Finnish study presented at the seminar found, for example, that one fifth of the respondents believed that they lacked the necessary skills to use e-services.

“Our service aims to address these concerns. The artificial intelligence-based service is really easy to use and does not require special skills from the user. It also speeds up access to treatment, and artificial intelligence enables patients to access the appropriate health professionals faster and more efficiently”, says the COO at Klinik, Petteri Hirvonen, who attended the seminar.

Klinik’s service also addresses users’ concerns about the lack of human contact, because it specifically enables patients to contact the right healthcare professionals faster. By shortening queues, the service also frees up professionals’ time to genuinely engage with patients.

According to Hirvonen, artificial intelligence provides relief for users from a motley collection of applications, because the users of Klinik’s online service do not need to know with which expert they should book an appointment when they start using the service. Whatever the nature of the medical condition, Klinik is a one-stop service for contacting the health centre and receiving instructions on next steps.

“A company like ours has the opportunity to develop new types of solutions, and to help take things to the next level, for the benefit of both individual users and organisations”, Hirvonen adds.

This year marks the 23rd time that the eHealth seminar has been held. The seminar is targeted at professionals in everyday healthcare, and technology and service developers. It is organised by the Finnish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth. #eHealth2018

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