Klinik sets up an office in Guadalajara, Mexico


Klinik has expanded its operations to Mexico and established a new local office. The new premises are located in Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara.

“The Guadalajara metropolitan area, with a population of five million, is called the Silicon Valley of Mexico, because 60 per cent of the region’s GDP comes from high-technology industries. Despite the region’s strong historical roots, there is an eagerness to try something new. It is known that if a new product is successful in the Guadalajaran market, it is virtually certain that it will be a success in the whole country”, says the chief operating officer of Klinik’s Mexican office, Victor M. Larios, PhD.

According to the CEO of Klinik, Hannu Nissinen, there is a definite need for more effective management of customer flow in the Mexican healthcare market. What is more, there is local enthusiasm for technological innovation. Nissinen says that Finnish healthcare has a good reputation in Mexico, from the point of view of both technology and medical expertise, so the Klinik service has been received with great interest.

Klinik’s new Mexico team includes six professionals locally, and, additionally, Ari Virtanen and Erika Aguirre divide their time between Finland and Mexico in coordinating operations. According to Nissinen, the large size of the team is explained by the country’s large size, both in terms of geography and population, as well as the structure of the health market.

“Different sectors operate in very different ways in Mexico, so different sales approaches are needed. For example, public healthcare operates very differently from the big private chains, which in Mexico are represented, for example, by large pharmacy chains, which also provide general practitioners’ services”, says Nissinen.