On tour in Germany with the Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade and Development

The trip, led by Anne-Mari Virolainen, included participants from Business Finland, Business Finland’s German unit, the Finnish embassy, and Finnish companies.


In April, Klinik’s CEO, Hannu Nissinen, participated in a trade promotion trip to Germany, led by the Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Anne-Mari Virolainen. The purpose of the trip was to support the breakthrough of Finnish healthcare solutions into the German market. The trip programme included meetings with, for example, German hospitals.

“Our service was greeted with enthusiasm by our German hosts. We see a lot of potential in the German market, because, similarly to Finland, local end-customers are living in the mobile era, although the digitalisation of healthcare system lags behind the Nordic countries”, says Hannu Nissinen.

Klinik, I believe, is one of the companies that has attracted most interest.

Organised by Business Finland, the trip included stops in Berlin and Kiel. Eero Toivainen, the Business Finland programme director, says that Germany, in addition to the Nordic countries and the United States, is one of the key areas to which trips like these are made. According to Toivainen, there is a common intent in Finland to invest specifically in the export of health technology. “We have a large number of companies with expertise in this field. Klinik, I believe, is one of the companies that has attracted most interest”, says Toivainen.

A dozen or so Finnish companies participated in the trip.

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