Meet the team: New solution architect on board to steer Klinik into international waters

Klinik’s rapid internationalisation has received a new boost with a new recruit who ensures that the company has expertise in adapting software for various target countries. The most recent recruit in the technical team, Kaius Perttilä, has led software development, has extensive experience in information management, and is well versed in internationalisation. Perttilä’s background is in coding, consultancy and project management, and he has worked, for example, as an IT manager and chief information officer.

Perttilä has previously been involved in productising software for international markets, which is definitely a valuable advantage for Klinik in the company’s internationalisation efforts.

“Each country has its own peculiarities that influence how the product should be adapted. Changes need to be made to training materials, technical specifications, and artificial intelligence reasoning paths. We need to be able to accommodate all this”, says Perttilä.

Although internationalisation also means a lot of work for the technical team, Perttilä is eagerly looking forward to the challenges of the future.

“I was seeking a little reshuffle of my work priorities, with fewer administrative duties and a return to doing more hands-on coding. Although I’m familiar with all the areas of the job description from before, my role as a whole is different from what I’ve done in the past.”

Perttilä also praises Klinik’s lively atmosphere, into which he has settled smoothly.

“There is a good atmosphere in the house. Things are constantly moving forward fast, and I enjoy that.”